Fact vs Rumor

We are currently reading lots of things on the internet. In fact, my own head is swirling with "What's real and what isn't?" People are starting rumors and all kinds of things about Jon's death. I don't know WHY people do this, like they have nothing better to do than gossip. This page is to set the record straight. If you hear any rumors and would like to submit them so others know that it's not a fact, please feel free to email me.


-- "It was a cover-up."; "It was murder, he wouldn't do that."

No....the M.E. had no reason to suspect foul play.

-- "He did it over his career."

We don't know that for sure. This is speculation; there was NO note to indicate anything of the sort.

-- "It was an Autoerotic thing."; "He was found nude."

Once again, we don't have any evidence to support that. This is just a rumor too, and a stupid one at that.

Courtesy Yahoo! News:
L.A. death of SeaQuest star Brandis ruled suicide

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The death two weeks ago of actor Jonathan Brandis, who starred as a teenage techno-prodigy on NBC's undersea drama "SeaQuest DSV" in the 1990s, has been ruled a suicide, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office said Tuesday.
Brandis, 27, the star of an ABC drama pilot, "111 Gramercy Park," that the network passed on this year, hanged himself by a nylon rope in a hallway of his apartment complex on Nov. 11, David Campbell, a spokesman for the coroner said.
He was found unconscious by friends late that night and rushed to a hospital, where he died the following afternoon, Campbell said.
Campbell said no suicide note was found, and investigators were "not aware of any history or issue" that would suggest a reason for suicide. Yet, the medical examiner found no reason to suspect foul play, he added.
Born in Danbury, Connecticut, Brandis began his career at age 5 acting in TV commercials and landed small parts in several TV shows and movies before his first starring role in the 1990 film "The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter."
But his big break came as the teenage whiz kid Lucas Wolenczak aboard the fictional Deep Submergence Vehicle in Steven Spielberg's futuristic sci-fi drama "SeaQuest DSV," which aired for two seasons on NBC starting in September 1993.
Lucas, whose best pal was the talking dolphin Ensign Darwin, became somewhat of a heartthrob to young viewers.
Other big-screen credits include last year's military drama "Hart's War," starring Bruce Willis, the 1992 Rodney Dangerfield comedy "Ladybugs," and a bit part in the 1987 Michael Douglas thriller "Fatal Attraction."

11/25/03 14:40 ET
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Thursday, November 20, 2003

"Actor Jonathan Brandis' Suicide Investigation"

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department, Wilshire Area Homicide Unit, is handling the death investigation of 27 year-old actor Jonathan Brandis.

On November 11, 2003, at about 11:40 p.m., a friend of Jonathan Brandis called police to report that the actor had attempted suicide at his apartment, located in the 600 block of Detroit Avenue. Paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire department responded and transported Brandis to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where he eventually died from his injuries. Brandis was pronounced dead by hospital staff on November 12, 2003, at about 2:45 p.m.

An autopsy will be performed by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office and the official cause of death is still pending.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is requested to contact Wilshire Area Homicide Unit, at 213-473-0460. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-hour toll free number at the Detective Information Desk, at 1-877-LAWFULL, 1-877-529-3855.

This news release was prepared by Public Information Officer Jason Lee, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.
For Release 5:00 pm PST
November 20, 2003

-- "Homicide Unit? I thought it was a suicide."

They have to fully investigate in order to entirely rule out a homicide.

-- "He died of injuries, but the M.E. didn't suspect foul play?"

Nope....he died of self-inflicted injuries, not any inflicted on him by somebody else.

-- One report says "apartment" the other says "in the hallway of his apartment complex"...what's going on?

This information is conflicting. The only thing that's a speculation on that are the beams inside as opposed to outside the apartment. We do know that it occured INSIDE the building someplace, though.

2006 edit: Conclusive evidence reveals that it occurred in the hallway.