"Let's Get Through It Together!"

On the following pages, you'll find all of the advice columns that Jonathan took the time to do for BOP magazine. If anyone has any more (there are currently four missing....he did the column for a year and a half), please feel free to contribute.

Thank you so much for your help.

Exerpt from the introduction article:

....Jon worries triple when he gets letters from people dealing with dire circumstances -- rape, homelessness, child abuse, the loss of a loved one, or, most upsetting to Jon, thoughts of suicide.

"I have to take longer amounts of time with those because it may be a matter of life and death," says Jon, who will ordinarily spend about an hour each month answering letters from his home. "I feel that every word I write is going to be very pivotal in their choices for what they're going to do about their problem."

My best friend and I are 15. She has had a rough life -- her parents are divorced and her mom's boyfriend abuses her mentally and physically. Now, she has started taking drugs and is threatening to commit suicide. I didn't think she was serious about it at first, but now I know she is because she keeps her boyfriend's gun in her room. I don't have the strength to deal with this on my own!

Amy A.
Quebec, Canada

I'm so glad you wrote, because it shows how much you care about your friend. I don't want you to think I'm copping out, but this is so serious, you need to talk about it with someone besides me -- your parents or a trusted adult (teacher, minister, principal, councilor) RIGHT THIS SECOND. If there's absolutely nobody you can confide in, try finding a suicide hotline number she can call. Look in the yellow pages under "Suicide" or "Hotlines" or call one of the 800 numbers listed below. Keep telling her how special she is and how much you care about her. And encourage her to get help, fast!

National Runaway Switchboard :
Childhelp : 1-800-422-4453

I have serious thoughts about suicide. Last week I saw some broken glass in a parking lot and thought about how easy it would be to slit my wrists. All my problems would be over. I knew I wouldn't do it right then, but what if I have the opportunity again and my heart doesn't remind me of what is right?

Witchita, KS

There is still a big part of you that doesn't want to commit suicide. Have that side of yourself come forward to talk with someone -- anyone -- quick. There are many hotlines with people who care in your phone book. Look under "Suicide Prevention" or call one of the numbers on this page. You should also know that your thoughts are very common. I don't know too many people who haven't contemplated the same thing. Sometimes suicide seems easier than facing reality, but that doesn't mean reality won't change or get better for you. Life is often a serious pain in the butt, but it's definitely better than the alternative. Whatever you do, please get help before doing anything drastic. Good luck in working things out. And cut this out and put it in your wallet in case you feel bad again.

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